Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is a well recognised alternative to placing your pet in a boarding cattery whilst you are away.

Cats are territorial animals and most find the upheaval of being placed in a cattery as a stressful and upsetting experience.

Capthorne Cat Care offer a personal and professional pet sitting service, looking after your loved ones whilst you are away.
We can care for the needs of cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, parrots, fish and any other small pet.

You can be assured that we will provide an honest and confidential service with the upmost respect for your property, privacy and

Services offered:
  • Feed and change litter tray, whatever applicable
  • Clean up little accidents when your cat misses its litter tray
  • Give oral medication where necessary
  • Compulsory cuddles and attention
  • Vet visits where necessary and on your approval*
  • Take in post
  • Water plants
  • Open/close curtains, switch on/off lights at your request
  • On request, provide groceries on your return**
  • Generally keep an eye on things whilst you're away
*Extra charge, vet bills/medicin to be paid by you direct to the vet. ***If there is anything specific you would like us to provide on your return, this can be done at cost, upto five items. A minimum pet setting period of five visits applies. Other Small Pets

We are able to care for the needs of other small pets such as guineapigs, hamsters, rabbits, parrots, fish etc.

Often this can be done at no additional charge if we are already providing our pet sitting service for your cats.

Dog Walking

Personal Walks

Dogs require plenty of exercise to keep them physically and mentally stimulated. Behaviour problems often stem from complete bordom, much the same as an active child.

Capthorne Cat Care are able to offer a personalised dog walking service  for owners that, for one reason or another, are just not able to provide the exercise that there dog requires.

Your dog would be collected from your home, taken for an hours walk locally to your home (and wherever possible in a nearby park) and then returned to you.

Longer walks and/or dog sitting can be arranged where required.

Our personal dog walking service is ideal for those dogs that like special attention. Only dogs from the same household are taken on personal walks and upto a maximum of two dogs.

Group Walks

We can provide group walks in some areas. However, this does not suit all dogs, and restrictions apply.

Please contact us for more information and to find out if we provide group walks in your area.

Home Sitting

Capthorne Home Sitting can provide a house / home sitting / visiting service whilst you are away for your added peace of mind.

Visits would be staggered at various times, and during each visit we would:

  • Take in post
  • Open/close curtains
  • Switch on/off lights
  • Water plants
  • Generally keep an eye on things

In the unfortunate event that a problem were to arise whilst you are away, you can rest assure that we would take appropriate action accordingly on your approval.

You can expect an honest and confidential service with the upmost respect for your property and privacy.

Please contact us to discuss our prices for our house / home sitting service. Special rates would apply if we are also providing our pet sitting service.

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This is my first time using Capthorne Cat Care, what happens?

For first time users of our service, we would normally arrange the initial consultation some time in advance, so that you can get to meet us and we can get to meet you and your pets. At this time we would run through all your requirements and our pet sitting registration form.

What happens with my keys?

These are collected either during the initial consultation or during the week prior to our commencement of cat sitting. Your keys are kept securely in our home and ARE NOT kept with any details of your home address, only your pets name. Our home has a British Gas monitored security system installed. On your return, we will arrange for the return of your keys at a time to suit you between 10am and 7pm.

What if my cat needs daily oral medicine?

Many cats that we look after do! This would be discussed with you in detail during the initial consultation.

Will you need access to my entire house?

NO. Normally we would recommend that you limit the areas that your cat has access to whilst you are away, especially if your cat sometimes has a problem with his/her toilet.

What if my cat has a little accident?

During our initial consultation, we will ask you about your cats toilet habits. Normally cats that have a problem will do their toilet in a regular place. We will always strive to find any of those accidents and cleam them up accordingly.

Are Capthorne Cat Care insured?

Yes, Capthorne Cat Care carry personal liability insurance through NARPSUK, see our insurance certificate below. Original can be shown o request.

How do we know we can trust you?

Good question! References are available on request from customers that have been using Capthorne Cat Care for their pet sitting needs for many years. Of course, you would be very welcome to carry out your own security checks.

Our pet sitting service started in June 2005 and has grown from strength to strength with a well established portfolio of regular clients.

Capthorne Cat Care Owner Sheila Lockwood is CRB checked.

What areas do you cover?

Please see Areas We Operate

We need to rehome our pet. Can Capthorne Cat Care help?

We regularly receive calls from people regarding stray pets or their pets need rehoming. Whilst Capthorne Cat Care are not a pet rescue or rehoming centre, we are always happy to help.

For stray and/or poorly pets, charities such as RSPCA or Cats Protection should be able to help.

If, for any reason whatsoever, you are faced with the need to rehome your own pet, you can place your pet up for adoption or sale at:

Pets 4 Adoption

Joining and using Pets 4 Adoption is free to private individuals.

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